Finding Resources for Our Final

Hey Guys! As Dann has suggested we do, I will be sharing my resources with you all. Research using the online library can sometimes be tedious, but I’ve found a good bank of articles through our Law Databases. In particular “LegalTrac” has been imperative to my research on the Viacom Vs. Youtube 2007 case. While my research is very much tailored to my paper, there have been some general articles that I recommend. Adapting Copyright for the Mashup Generation by Peter S. Menell is both broad in its potential use for the class and offers good insight into the ins and outs of the laws that we have observed in class. Many of the early examples from hiphop used in the article were also used in “Copyright Criminals” so it should seem familiar. The second article that you all may find useful is “Pinterest and User-Generated Content: Liability of Web Sites for Online Copyright Infringement” by Connie J. Mableson. Anyone dealing with social media or web-hosting services should give it a quick read. Liability is extremely important in many digital copyright cases, so it won’t hurt to refresh. In addition, these articles are written by lawyers rather than scholars, so their insight may offer new insight into the world of copyright.

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