Facebook: A Growing Platform for Infringement

During the onset of the term, my blog focused heavily the SoFloAntonio copyright debacle. For those of you who do not remember, SoFlo would illegally download YouTube videos of small time users and rebrand them without permission. These rebranded videos would then be posted and circulated on Facebook, with each accruing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views. Given the nature of Facebook and the user’s seamless ability to share, its unsurprising that these stolen videos would be viewed countless thousands of times with minimal effort by the uploader. Unlike YouTube, Facebook has no strong form of copyright regulation and lacks the harsh content ID system that prevents this kind of violation. In addition, each person that shares the infringed material technically reposts it, which implicates millions of people in the violation. As I had discussed in my presentation to the class in February, little can actually be done in this situation. Unless the original owner of the videos pursue legal action against SoFlo Entertainment, the infringement will continue to take place. This leads me to a new discovery. Last night while making my final rounds online, I witnessed the most severe case infringement I’ve ever seen on Facebook.


As a heavy internet user, I’m no stranger to illegal streams. I’ve seen many hosting sites jump from “.co to .nz” to avoid DMCA take down notifications. I’ve never witnessed a full upload of multi-million dollar blockbuster on Facebook. Since last evening, the post is still up, but I eagerly await to see a response from either 20th Century Fox or Facebook itself. Facebook has tolerated smaller violations against small scale users, it will be interesting to see what actions the company takes in a large scale case of infringement.

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