YouTube and False Copyright Claims

For the bulk of the term, my topic of interest has been YouTube and its copyright policy. YouTube and its celebrities have provided me with ample opportunity to point out the flaws of both overzealous users and bad content ID systems, its even given me the opportunity to look at fraud. Luckily for you guys, […]

Abusing YouTube: False Claims and Lost Revenue

As I continue to delve into the confusing and murky world of YouTube, I am presented with new and creative ways in which companies and users abuse the copyright system. Over the course of the term, each week has brought a new controversy. While the FineBros’ “REACT WORLD” controversy was quickly shut down by the […]

Fair Use

In a world where International trade pacts threaten our conventional definitions of intellectual property and copyright the idea of what constitutes fair use is troubling. When I used a Flying Lotus song in my student film, I thought for certain I was protected under fair use. I wasn’t making money off of the film, and […]

The Fine Bros. and the Case of Licensing on Youtube

As we have learned through our class readings, intellectual property and copyright laws are supposed to foster innovation and incentivize originality. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Over the past weekend, Youtube celebrities known as the Fine Bros. attempted to license the reaction video format. Looking at their subscribers, which numbered over 14 million before […]


As copyright laws have progressed, so too has the modern music industry. While music had been copied as sheet music and controlled in much the same fashion as a printed work, recording changed how we consumed music. No longer was music a matter of just paper and performance, but of selling recordings, which had their […]

Sekkou Boys and the Public Domain

Hello! Welcome to my blog for ICS 3005. I hope to post frequently about both the course readings and my own personal observations as I study intellectual property. In our first week, we explored the beginning chapters of James Boyle’s The Public Domain. I found it particularly fascinating that the public domain appears to be […]