Writing Past the Margins: Zine Culture

As I write this paper, a teenage girl in upstate New York has added a lengthy piece to her blog on the social media site, Tumblr. The  topics may vary between bands, videogames and television shows but each is unified through a distinct aesthetic and theme. Unbeknownst to her, she is carrying on a rich […]

Adapting Foucault’s theory of power/knowledge

Print culture has presented itself as an interesting class. Unlike previous English courses, my background knowledge in social and media theory has been an integral part of my contributions to the class. But, I suppose that should come as no surprise. Literature studies courses come with their own jargon and analytical approaches and social theories […]

Libraries: Thoughts Inspired by Jonathan Rose

Like many other institutions invested in old media, the library has struggled during the age of the internet. As a technology that can supposedly do everything, the internet has become the world’s premier well of information. For this reason, previously dominant media such as the book, the newspaper and the magazine have had to adapt […]

A Note on Gatekeeping and Censorship

The book, like any other medium, is nothing more than a vehicle for our thoughts, hopes and aspirations. Without our pens to give them life, they are like snakes without venom or birds without wings. Content is the driving force behind the effectiveness and popularity of the book. Until the 20th century, print was unrivalled […]

Close reading and Hyperreading: my personal experience

In the article, How We Read: Close, Hyper and Machine, Hayle attempts to explain the paradigm shift that surrounds modern literary studies and literacy itself. Hayle identifies a plethora of reasons for this shift, ranging from the widespread adoption of social media to the use of computing in social scientific research. Unlike the scholars she […]

Reflections on Chapter 3

When I initially covered the rise of the printing press in ICS 1001, I had no idea just how controversial the technology was. In chapter 3 of Robinson’s The Book in Society, printing is explored through a historical survey of China and Europe, but also through its social and economic impact on societies. On one […]

Commitment to Craft: Quality in the Digital Age

It has taken me quite some time to decide what to write about for this blog. Although I am fascinated by the world of print culture, I know so little about it (at this point in  time). Despite my limited knowledge of the many facets of book binding, type face, etc, my time as a […]

Facebook: A Growing Platform for Infringement

During the onset of the term, my blog focused heavily the SoFloAntonio copyright debacle. For those of you who do not remember, SoFlo would illegally download YouTube videos of small time users and rebrand them without permission. These rebranded videos would then be posted and circulated on Facebook, with each accruing hundreds of thousands, if […]

Finding Resources for Our Final

Hey Guys! As Dann has suggested we do, I will be sharing my resources with you all. Research using the online library can sometimes be tedious, but I’ve found a good bank of articles through our Law Databases. In particular “LegalTrac” has been imperative to my research on the Viacom Vs. Youtube 2007 case. While […]